Surface Prep

Syntec manufactures a wide variety of high-quality diamond tools for the surface preparation industry to suit applications such as aggressive coating removal, concrete preparation and concrete polishing. Comprising a multitude of segment configurations and options, you will find a tool to fit just about every machine on the market:


  • Grinding Plates
  • Cup Wheels
  • Pucks and Plugs
  • Metal Bond Tooling:
    • Fast Change
    • Trapezoid
    • Slim Fit
    • Uni-Lock
    • Bent HTC
    • Scanmaskin
    • Schwamborn
  • Polishing Tools

Surface preparation tools are designed to grind and polish concrete surfaces and remove previous coatings such as epoxy or glue. Depending on the application, different machine types are more suitable.

When it comes to polishing concrete floors and removing scratches or trip hazards, planetary grinders are the best option as they enable a high gloss finish that does not require coatings or sealers. They get their name due to their configuration with one large disc that does not touch the floor but instead acts as a central point around which three to six smaller discs or plugs rotate.

If, however, the aim is to aggressively grind concrete and remove coatings from concrete floors that will then be coated or sealed, concrete mowers with one large disc are the preferred option as they provide fast, direct grinding action that removes material quickly.

When selecting the right grinding tool for a surface preparation job, the following factors need to be considered:


  • Bond hardness
  • Size of the diamonds (grit)
  • Diamond concentration
  • Shape of the segment
  • Pressure on each segment (number of segments under the machine and the machine’s weight)
  • Material being ground (soft, hard or abrasive)
  • Desired end result